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We build the CAD knowledge bridge

Frank Gao,

CEO & Founder

of GuideMia Technologies Inc

As thoughts define the future, we are here to support various clinical cases, offering more than 10 proprietary Technologies to prevent treatment errors and risks!

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George Antonopoulos

STC in Orthodontics

of GuideMia Technologies Inc

Digital treatment planning can be extremely time consuming and technically challenging. First we start with an idea and then we make it a reality!

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Digital Aligners


GuideMia Ortho+ is dedicated in innovative yet safe solution development, and has been greatly enriched the technology of digital treatment planning and clear aligners. GuideMia Ortho+ has developed many new techniques.



GuideMia’s Bracket Bonding Guide, also known as Adaptive Bonding Guide, is the first in the industry that makes single material printouts as bonding guides without additional materials and fabrication steps. Users can make segmented guides or full arch guides.

Guide Mia Tad's Mini Screw System


With GuideMia’s surgical guide technology, GuideMia Ortho+ can design surgical guides for anchorage implants.

GuideMia Tooth Root Modeling


GuideMia Ortho+ is the first open system for orthodontic design with tooth root modeling from CBCT scan. It is FDA cleared in 2017. GuideMia offers the most advanced software and clinical services and support for our clients. The clinical team has more than 20 years experience and participated in some pioneer development of digital orthodontics. Our engineering team have long term experience in CAD/CAM design and medical image processing, involved in many R&D projects from government funded projects to fortune 500 companies. GuideMia Ortho+ has been helping customers from more than 10 countries to establish their orthodontic aligner services.

GuideMia Advanced Futures


  • Digital model processing and cleanup

  • The registration of model scan, intra-oral scan, CT scan, as well as facial scan

  • Tooth coordinate system design and adjustment

  • Tooth modeling based on CBCT data

  • Plan reference models

  • Smart Smile (TM) adjustment

  • Jaw position adjustment

  • Collision detection between adjacent teeth

  • Collision detection between jaws

  • Simulation of jaw movement

  • Intelligent movement planning

  • Add steps

  • Remove steps

  • Intermediate restart during treatment course