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 Mechanical Engineering

A.D.O.M.E. was established by DT George Antonopoulos on August of 2010 at state Attica of Greece, when he decided to apply Mechanical Engineering studies on micro Dental and Orthodontic devices. After many years in Dental prosthetic and Orthodontic studies, working in parallel at Dental and Orthodontic Laboratories, and through almost 17 years in scientific and industrial projects, he observed that it was needful to design some micro mechanisms (brackets-mini implants-precision attachments and prosthetic implants) so he could improve his results and technical achievements. Since 2006, digital prototyping, digital concept and hybrid Orthodontic Techniques are in our concern.


A.D.O.M.E is a ''knowledge sharing base'', intending to accomplish Dental Technician's ideas and projects according to the Orthodontic field...And not only....

It was founded to create collaborative projects between design/engineering side of 3D prototyping and the Orthodontic industry concerning the digital aspects. It also connects Drs, Technicians, Engineers Researchers, Universities and Industries, building a communication platform through events, courses and many modern technical systems bringing innovations to the dental and orthodontic healthcare.

The logo is just a 3D model that was designed by  SDT George Antonopoulos, having as a standard design template the reconstruction of the Antikythera Mechanism. Antikythera Mechanism is an Ancient device  that was discovered on April of 1900 in 45 meters (148 ft) of water in the Antikythera shipwreck off Point Glyphadia on the Greek island of Antikythera.

It took us more than 100 years to imagine and schedule the parts of this machine. Finally with 3-D X-ray scanners we accomplished to decode this magnificent device of Greece. In our days this device is well known as the first analogue computer and as the scientists say: ‘nothing comparable was built for another thousand years'.

Aricles about the Antikythera Mechanism



“The path of research is the spiritual desire of knowing ourselves. So the best way to predict the future is...to create it...”

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SDT George Antonopoulos