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A Must Have For Every Clinic

“ORCA-AI is a unique web based service which provides a complete solution for Dental and Orthodontic services, tracing, analysis, storing, viewing and sharing

of treatment plans diagnosis and worksheets.”

ORCA Dental AI’s mission is to provide dental practitioners of all disciplines with the tools they need to make a breakthrough in patient care.

ORCA combines clinical expertise with machine learning and AI technologies to create diagnostic reports, treatment plan suggestions and smart clinical predictions that assist users across the entire dental value chain. Orthodontists, prosthodontists and periodontists can all benefit from the ORCA platform and the data it provides.

ORCA also provides services to dental software companies and dental imaging system providers, offering them data layers on CBCT, panoramics, cephalometrics and intraoral scans, among others.


CephX was established in 2001 by a team of experienced orthodontists and software experts, with the vision to build the first of its kind cloud system, that will provide its users with peace of mind and allow them to focus in patient care rather than analyzing cephalometric images by themselves.

Nowadays is the leading online platform for dental and orthodontic practitioners, providing them with solutions for Cephalometric X-Ray analyses, image archiving and patient record management. CephX’s innovative AlgoCeph technology provide practitioners with accurate & professional cephalometric analysis within seconds, allowing them for greater efficiency, productivity and patient throughput.Headquartered in Herzeliya, one of Israel’s technology & innovation centers, τhe innovative company launches AlgoCeph - Automated Cephalometric Analysis Technology-the world’s first super-fast ceph analysis system ! Only seconds to receive. Always following the progress,  A.D.O.M.E & Collaborators,  we had to teamed up with ORCA AI DENTAL and offer to you our services. Dental and Orthodontic intelligence services who helps in creating, maintaining, analyzing, patients records with security & more! 

“The world of dental and orthodontic needs is evolving rapidly, as it provides patients continuous improvements in care”, says Daniel Abraham, chairman of CephX Technologies LTD.

 I am proud of being a part of a such robust technology, having the opportunity to ''unlock the digital future frontiers'' in so many kinds of Dental & Orthodontic treatment services.

George Antonopoulos

'' Consultant, industry-experts committee of ORCA"


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ORCA Founder & President Daniel Abraham.
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ORCA Industry Experts Committee


Advisory Board

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ORCA Dental AI creates automated imagery solutions for dental practitioners, including specialists like orthodontists and prosthodontists, in order to improve practices in the entire dental ecosystem and enable immediate and accurate scan analysis, real-time diagnostics and optimized treatment planning for patients.

We are dedicated to teaching computers how to automate dental diagnostic procedures by using deep learning and artificial intelligence to create unique dental algorithms that produce immediate reports for oral health providers around the globe.

ORCA currently provides solutions using our AI technology to thousands of orthodontic and implantology practitioners worldwide.

ORCA AI Services

Why to choose us

Dental imagery interpretation and accurate treatment planning are some of the most crucial skills an oral health specialist must master. And yet, they remain to be some of the most difficult skills to develop, especially when much of the imagery isn’t clearly visible to the naked eye.

This is precisely where ORCA excels, providing a layer of information that is effortlessly accessible to practitioners.

Market Leading Detection & Analyzing Capabilities

Our detection and analysis capabilities are the best in the field, with a proven 99.7% success rate, saving clinicians valuable time and effort while improving efficiency, profitability and treatment outcomes and reducing medico-legal risks.

Our Algorithms

The algorithms developed by ORCA combine data derived from the work and knowledge of thousands of specialists and are based on hundreds of thousands of cases.

The User Experience

We are the only intelligent AI dental company in the industry to provide patented pre-treatment diagnosis and analysis of dental imaging with visual treatment recommendations, which are all performed automatically, instantly and accurately.


ORCA supports all dental imaging sources, including 2D and 3D radiography and intraoral scans. Furthermore, the platform meets regulatory patient protection and privacy standards, allowing safe and secure use of ORCA’s services.

We Are Integrated

ORCA is integrated with several of the leading imaging system providers, allowing an immediate layer of data to be presented instantly after the image acquisition. ORCA aims to make the instant combination of image acquisition with image interpretation a standard in dentistry.

Largest Dental Database

ORCA has accrued a massive and unique dataset, which is the fundamental premise of our AI-based algorithms. ORCA has the ability to meet the huge challenges of cleaning, sorting and annotating data, allowing an unprecedented level of prediction accuracy.



Cephalometric Analysis

on the basis of x-rays or CBCT scans

ORCA’s ceph-tracing algorithms can instantaneously provide a custom tracing and ceph analysis report.

With an immediate cephalometric analysis, orthodontic practitioners can construct their patients’ treatment plans accurately and effortlessly and start orthodontic treatment immediately, as early as the first consultation.

ORCA’s seamless cephalometric tracing and analysis service helps practitioners achieve greater treatment efficiency and productivity, leading to improved patient care. Patients benefit from superior quality treatment, while practitioners enjoy reduced risk and increased revenue


Also using CephX (ORCA AI Service) is effortless because your ceph is analyzed by AlgoCeph, our unique, specially designed algorithm that:

  • Locates landmark coordinates

  • Performs self-tests for accuracy

  • Calibrates over the visible ruler

CephX then considers the accuracy scores and your analysis is ready for download

Cephalometric Analysis


CephX Services

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We strive to answer emails within one business day.

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