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1st Orthodontic Meeting of 2020 FN ORTHODONTICS 19th of January 2020. FN Orthodontics Seminar room

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

1st Orthodontic Meeting of 2020

FN ORTHODONTICS 19th of January 2020

We are pleased to invite you to the first Technology Meeting of the New Year !!

Sold Out!

The lectures on Saturday 19th of January is organized by FN Orthodontics and will be held at our new seminar room!

Schedule of the meeting

9:30 - 10:00: Registration 10:00- 10:15: Welcome speech 10:15 - 11:30: Dr. Apostolos I. Tsolakis , Associate Professor of Orthodontics NKUA.

'' The biologic basis of orthodontic tooth movement'' 11:30 - 12:30: Dr. Sherif Kandil. ''The new Technology in aligner Orthodontics, called 4D'' 12:30-13:00: Coffee Break 13:00-14:30: Dr. Sherif Kandil. ''K Line Europe, Clear X'' 14:30-15:30 : Lunch time

15:30-16:30: ''Time for boosting and speed up the aligner therapy''. (Dr Sherif Kandil). Discussion, questions, conclusions.


About Prof. Tsolakis Apostolos

Education / Qualifications

  • 1979, Doctor  of  Dental  Surgery, Aristotle  University  of  Thessaloniki, Greece                                      

  • 1981, Master  of  Science  in  Dentistry, Case  Western  Reserve  University,USA

  • 1981, Certificate  in  Clinical  Orthodontics, Case  Western  Reserve  University,USA                                                           

  • 1994, Didactor  Odondiatrikis   ( Ph.D.), University  of  Athens, Greece 

Academic and professional positions held

  • 2008, Assistant Professor, University of Athens, Greece 

  • 2018, Associate Professor, University of Athens, Greece 

  • 2005 , Visiting Associate Professor, St. Louis University, USA                          

  • 2002, Adjunct Associate Professor, CWRU, USA                                            

Academic and professional responsibilities

  • Advanced  Clinical  and  Research  Seminars  for  the  postgraduate   students  of  the  Orthodontic  Department  of  the  University  of  Athens. 1994  till  present.

  • Lectures  to  the  graduate  students  of  the  Orthodontic  Department  of  CWRU.  1998 till present.

  • Lectures  to  the  graduate  students  of  the  Orthodontic  Program of  Saint Louis   University. 2004 till present.

Research Grants and Contracts

  • Histomorphological and Histochemical changes in the alveolar and cortical jaw bone following orthodontic movement in diabetic rats. Primary  Researcher  A. Tsolakis  January 2009 – present.

  • Effects of local administration of cytokines RANKL, RANK and OPG and expression of mRNA for RANKL and OPG during experimental orthodontic tooth movement in rats. Primary  Researcher  A. Tsolakis  January 2006 – present.

  • Histochemical  changes  in  the jaw  bones  following  orthodontic  movement  in  ovariectomized  rats. Primary  Researcher  A. Tsolakis  January 2003 – 2005.

  • Alveolar  bone  changes  following  orthodontic  movement  in  ovariectomized  rats. Primary Researcher  A. Tsolakis  Sept  2000 – Dec  2002.

  • Body  development  and  skeletal  maturation  of  wistar  rats. Development  of  standard  data  for experimentation  with  menopause  and  aging related osteoporosis. Primary  Researcher  I. Dontas. Co-researcher  A.I.Tsolakis  Sept    1998 – Dec 2001.

  • Histologic  and  histochemical  study  of  the  effects  of  bilateral  and  unilateral  suprahyoid  myectomy  on  the rat’s  mandible. Primary  researcher A.I. Tsolakis  Sept 1998- June  1999. 

  • A  study  of  the  growth  of  the  rat  craniofacial  complex  following  experimental  resection  of  the  suprahyoid  musculature  and  mandibular  hyperpropulsion. Primary  Researcher  M.N. Spyropoulos. Co-researcher  A.I.Tsolakis  Sept  1996 – Dec 1997.


  • American  Association  of  Orthodontists

  • World  Federation  of  Orthodontists

  • European  Orthodontic  Society

  • Greek  Society  for  Orthodontic  and  Maxillofacial  Study  and  Research

  • Greek  Dental  Association

  • Greek  Cleft  Palate  Society

  • Thessalian  Stomatologic  Society, Greece

  • Dental  Society  of  Larissa, Greece

  • International  Society  of  Musculoskeletal  and  Neuronal  Interactions

Research Theses - Books

  • Thesis  for  the  Degree  Didactor  Odondiatrikis  (Ph.D.):  A  study  of  the  growth and  development  of  the  lower  jaw  following  experimental  condylectomy   and  experimental  protruded  mandibular   function  in  the  rat. University  of  Athens, March 1993.

  • Thesis   for   the   Degree   Master   of   Science  in  Dentistry:  Effects  of  posterior  mandibular  traction  in  the  rabbit. A cephalometric, histologic,  electromyographic study. C.W.R.U.  May  1981.

  • Monograph: Effects  of  osteoporosis  on  orthodontic  tooth  movement. A  study  of  experimental  ovariectomy  and  orthodontic  movement  in  rats. Monograph. Zandes Editions, Athens, 2002. (Greek)

  • Book Chapter: M.N. SPYROPOULOS, A.I. TSOLAKIS:  Mechanobiological perspectives of orthodontic tooth movement related to bone physiology. In: Enlow DH, Hans MG, editors. Essentials of Facial Growth. 2nd Edition Needham Press, Ann Arbor MI 2008.

Selected publications in scientific journals

  • Tsolakis AI,  Spyropoulos MN.An  appliance  designed  for  experimental mandibular  hyperpropulsion  in  rats. Eur. J. Orthodont. 1997 ; 19 : 1 – 7. 

  •  Tsolakis AI, Spyropoulos MN,  Katsavrias E,  Alexandridis K.  Effects  of  altered  mandibular  function  on  mandibular  growth  after  condylectomy. Eur. J. Orthodont. 1997; 19: 9 – 19.

  • Spyropoulos MN, Tsolakis AI,  Katsavrias E, Alexandridis K.  Effects  of  experimental  unilateral  condylectomy  followed  by  altered  mandibular  function  on  the  maxilla  and  zygoma. Eur. J. Orthodont. 1997; 19 : 205 – 210.

  • Spyropoulos MN and Tsolakis AI. Altered  mandibular  function  and  prevention  of  skeletal  asymmetries  after  unilateral  condylectomy  in  rats. Eur. J. Orthodont. 1997 ; 19 : 211 – 218.

  • Spyropoulos MN and Tsolakis AI. Experimental  production of Class III malocclusion  in  rats. Bul  Orth. Soc. Yugoslavia  1999; 32: 5 – 11.

  • Spyropoulos MN, Tsolakis AI,  Alexandridis K, Katsavrias E, Donta I. Role  of  Suprahyoid  Musculature  on  rat  mandibular  morphology  and  growth  orientation. American  Journal  of  Orthodontics  and  Dentofacial Orthopedics 2002; 122: 392-400. 

  •  Tsolakis AI, Chaldi I,  Makou M,  Lyritis GP, Spyropoulos MN,  Dontas IA.  Cortical bone response adjacent to applied light orthodontic forces in ovariectomized rats. J Musculoskelet Neuronal Interact. 2008; 8:375-8.

  • Dontas IA,  Tsolakis AI,  Chaldi I,  Patra E,  Lyritis GP. Malocclusion in aging Wistar rats.J Am Assoc Lab Anim Sci. 2010; 49:22-6.

  • Tsolakis AI, Chaldi I, Bitsanis I,  Makou M,  Dontas IA. Distraction-like phenomena in maxillary bone due to application of orthodontic forces in ovariectomized rats.Indian J Dent Res. 2012; 23:501-5.

  • Lyros I,  Fora E,  Damaskos S,  Stanko P, Tsolakis AI.  An incidental finding on a diagnostic CBCT. Australian Orthodontic Journal. In Press (May 2014 isssue)

Areas of scientific interest

  • Mechanisms of mandibular growth

  • Biologic mechanisms of orthodontic tooth movement

  • Class III malocclusionImpacted teeth

Title of the speech

''The biologic basis of orthodontic tooth movement. Is there any difference in the remodeling process of the alveolar bone during treatment with fixed appliances and clear aligners?''

Learning objectives:

Attendees of this lecture will be able to learn about:


About Dr. Sherif Kandil

A polymath with main focus in orthodontics. Trying to bridge the gap between Orthodontics, material science and software engineering, he has been working for over ten years with clear aligners. He has treated over 4500 cases with aligners, own 6 patents and gave 180 lectures in CAT worldwide. Since 2018 he has been involved in R&D at K Line Europe where he found an amazing platform to pour in years of multilevel experiences and lateral thinking methods. He is advocated of eco-friendly solutions and implementing them in orthodontics. Graduated in 2006 and worked as dentist till 2012 when he specialized in orthodontics (Donau Krems University). Since then he has established 3 companies servicing and manufacturing clear aligners

About the speech



Clear aligners or invisible orthodontic trays are a very unique and promising method for straightening teeth as an alternative to braces. The credit goes to Align tech and specifically to Zia Chisti one of the co-founders of Align tech at its embryonic stages.

Clear aligners are manufactured through high-end 3d technology from 3d scanning dental models to 3d designing of teeth movements then 3D printing the sequential steps through a 3D printer and finally thermoforming plastic materials chemically made out of TPU or PETG to conclude a clear aligner form.

4D dynamic aligners are produced through using special shape memory polymers that could be formed on the targeted shape of teeth let’s assume the 4th step in the process of teeth aligning S4, the clear aligner is re-engineered in-lab under specific temperatures to shape S1, we call it “Back from the future” concept. The patient has an activation device to activate the clear aligners (Aligner booster) every 2 weeks and thus recover the shape of the clear aligner gradually to go back to S4 “ Back to the future”. The result is instead of using 4 aligners per arch to align teeth over 2 months, by this technique we use only 1 aligner.

The technique proved in-lab as well as in the first waves of clinical trials to be supremely successful and functional.

On the other side recycling the 3D models is also considered a huge benefit, not only would any lab decrease the material waste but also save a lot of money. Recycling somehow represents a bit of investment at the start yet it is worth it on the long run.

A call to action, align teeth but don’t forget aligning your business to our planet, make your patients and planet smile :)

This is the future of us and our grandchildren.

Dr Sherif Kandil Mar/20/2019

More information about 4D Aligner Technology and K Line:


Time & Location of the event

Sunday 19th of  January 2020,

9:30  –  16:30 FN Orthodontics Seminar room,

2 -8 Tetrapoleos Str, Athens, Attiki, 11527, Greece

Language: Greek-English




FN Orthodontics is the Greek Orthodontic Laboratory that follows and supports all the innovative products of the modern orthodontic market. FN Orthodontics is the exclusive distributor of K Line and Clear Χ in Greece! 

ALYAdental is a new established company based are already on the rise in Germany, Russia, Qatar, Australia and 18 other overseas countries.

The products represent the German philosophy of ergonomics and comfort combined with a high aesthetics to serve and satisfy Drs and patients.

Contact: +306944064646 , +306984260000

Unishape has been active for 20 years in the field of goldsmith and silversmith mold design making  by CAD/CAM systems. Furthermore, by understanding the market’s needs, the company specializes in high tech machinery for mold manufacturing dental and orthodontic needs in cad and printing systems.

The company’s well trained and specialized staff provides training in 3D software and in the use of CNC, Rapid Prototyping, Laser Marking/Engraving/Welding, 3D Scanning and other machines.

The company participated as a subcontractor in the AMLAR research project on spatial reticular construction in the framework of Greece-Israel Bilateral Research and Technological Cooperation Action 2013-2015 and as a member of the OSTEOFIT research project on 3D Bi-print RESEARCH-CREATIVE-INNOVATIVE of GSRT 2019-2022.

Αriston dental was created to care, provide answers and support by Mr. Panos Pagratis who carries a long experience in the dental commercial field since 1991.

We offer a wide range of meticulously selected products, like dental implants, bone grafts of all types, surgical instruments, specialized devices, to name a few.

The already high value of our products is enriched by our fast, on-going service and deep knowledge as to help our customers feel safe and well taken-care of when choosing us and our products to work with.


More Information about the event

sold out!!!

Got a question about the meeting?

For more information please email us at:

FN Orthodontics :

George Antonopoulos : or

or you may chat us 24/7 at ADOME web page

We hope you are able to attend the meeting and look forward to seeing you there.

On behalf of FN Orthodontics,

CTO George Antonopoulos

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