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12th ESLO Congress and the great upcoming event is around us!! Dental 2016 Athens exhibition, second day.It was a great chance to all of us, to attend an excellent presentation by Dt Konstantinos Vlachos and Dt Mimis Fragos (Athens 3D Dental Labs) at JPD Kalantidi Bros co. booth no 26 level B.- 3Shape . Ortho analyzer and Digital Orthodontics -. Thanks to Dr Takis Kanarelis (President of ESLO 2014-2016)and through ESLO community the 1st Dental Technician Meeting of the 12th ESLO congress is a fact!! We, all the Greeks are looking forward to welcoming you.We will make your stay in Greece memorable for many years to come!!Personally I would like to thank in Alphabetical order :The ODTs, Douloupas Fragiskos, Fragos Mimis, Gonidis Sokratis, Kakatsis Giannis,Mertzos Sotiris, Nasi Danai, Thalassinos Nikos, Vettos Dimitris,Vlachos Konstantinos, all the students of the Dental Technician University of Athens, their Prof Panagiotis Konstantinos and all the companies, Dental and Orthodontic Laboratories,Greek Association of Dental Technician Laboratories and the president Dt Theodoros Samaras even Greek Journals and Magazines who helped us and contributed in this big try. 12th ESLO Congress-1st Ortho Dental Technician Meeting.30th of June to 3rd of July.Megaron Concert Hall.Athens Greece. Visit our web sites : and WE ARE READY !!!

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