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University of Naples Federico II

As in a few months the 12th ESLO Congress will be held on the 30th of June to the 3rd of July at Megaron Concert hall of Athens-Greece,we had the pleasure and honor to share interesting ideas about the 1st Orthodental Technician meeting and the progress in Lingual Orthodontics with the University of Naples.As it seems, Lingual speciality is a very interesting field in many Universities. ODT Massimo Cicatiello from Napoli Ortodonzia- Laboratorio,Prof. Roberto Martina, Prof.Ambrosina Michelotti,and Dr Vincenzo D'Antò from the department of Othodontics of University of Naples. We will have the honour to see some of their work according to special appliances on a poster in our meeting.Thank you so much for your contribution.

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