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12th ESLO Congress and 1st ODTM of 2016...So...Is it over?

12th ESLO Congress and 1st ODTM of 2016...So...Is it over?? No I do not think so...Because new friendships, collaborations, ideas, meetings, even new scientific and technology projects, came up. The Congress was not just successful. Breathing ''life'' in new values, we all felt how important is the meaning of a robust scientific meeting.And here we stand, on the starting point again...On the zero level for new Congresses, new meetings , new efforts.From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thanκ the ''Spiritual Father'' of the 1st Ortho Dental Technician Meeting of 12th ESLO Congress Dr Takis Kanarelis the President of the Congress Dr Didier Fillion, the Scientific committee & Case evaluating committee (with President Dr Germain Becker) ,the Organizing team that worked hard on this project as well as the council of ESLO, Dr Esfandiar Modjahedpourr, Dr Asif Chatoo, Dr Guillaume Lecocq, Dr Oksana Afanasieva, Dr Germain Becker, Dr Michel Steil and of course Dr George Joji Tsubaki. And how amazing was the Pre congress day of Prof. Hee Moon Kyung!!! Many thanks to the best Poster Evaluation Committee the President Prof. Yıldız Ozturk Ortan from the University of Instanbul and SODT Fabio Fantozzi (the first Ortho Dental Technician who honored our field by evaluating our posters!!!) . Special thanks to the ''teachers'' of the 1st ODM and great friends SODT Stefano Negrini ( DT Precongress day- 3 Shape ) and SODT Peter Sheffield with the"IN-Tendo", Precise Indirect Bonding system. What can I say for the 130 participants of the 1st Ortho Dental Technician meeting and all the speakers...I am so proud for each one of them that for the first time they left their homes,families, laboratories,companies to follow our 1st meeting...What can I say for the Drs and Technicians that accepted my invitation to be chairpersons in our sessions ( Prof. Pablo Echarri, DrHenrique Valdetaro, Dr Svetlana Tekucheva from the University of Moscow & Dr Nikolay Oborotistov, Prof Panagiotis Konstantinos from the Greek DTU of Athens, Dr Manjul M Jain, Dr Thomas Örtendahl, Dr Martin Pedernera, SODT Stefano Negrini , SODT Sheffield Peter, and SODT Ari Sciacca ).My respects to the 1st dental technician organizing meeting of SDT Fragiskos Douloupas with F.N. ORTHODONTICS , our kind and hard worker SODTDanai Nasi (who is the second secretariat of Dr Takis Kanarelis and his assistant as Dental Technician!!), DT Theodoros Samaras the President of the Greek Pan Hellenic Association of Dental Laboratories and DT Leonidas Spanos .Sunny Greece was behind of all these.An extremely experienced company in organizing great events! Thank you so much MrVais Dimitris Mr George Vacondios and all the people in your team that gave to us energy, time and hard work each day,day by day for making us happy !!! And do not forget the companies the sponsors and the accompanying persons of the Congress...Great job you done!!! Finally I want to express my deepest acknowledgements to Mrs Nikoletta Parmenidou for supporting me so many days-nights working with me for the same project and so many times giving me excessive efforts and solutions in every problem I had to solve...And concerning my lovely wife Venice Popori and my little daughter Anna ...YOU ARE MY LIFE ...MY EVERYTHING...and I could not do anything without you.....In Greece when we want to meet someone again, we do not say ''goodbye''...We just say ''kali antamosi''...And that means that in a very short time we will all be together again!!!! So from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of all the Greeks, the people of Filotimo and Filoxenia : KALI ANTAMOSI my friends...and now...pleaseeeee...let me sleep for one month........!!! Takis are you coming???

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