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''Tuesday.30.June.2020 - "Advanced Orthodontics : Type of Management for Extraction"

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

Dr. Kenji Ojima -Japan-webinar

12:00 pm LISBON TIME


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Curriculum Vitae Dr. Kenji Ojima - Japan

D.D.S, M.D.Sc Adjunct Professor University of Torino (Italy) Orthodontics Department Invisalign Clinical Speaker & Faculty Invisalign Black Diamond Provider Digital Smile Design KOL and Master - Studies of Dentistry at the University of Showa (Tokyo-JAPAN). - Postgraduate student in Orthodontics at the University of Showa, department of Orthodontics Professional. - Private practice as a specialist in Orthodontics in Tokyo (Shinjuku and Hongo) since 2007 with Dr. Dan, Dr. Kumagai, Dr.Watanabe, Dr.Seko and Dr.Sugawara. - American Academy of Cosmetic Orthodontics Asian Chapter president. - Speaker in Japan, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Austria, Swiss, Poland, Australia, Iran, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, China, Russia, Thailand, Hong Kong,Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia and United States. - President of JAPAN Academy of Aligner Orthodontics. - DSD/Aligner Key Opinion Leader - Advisory Board of Biolux(OrthoPulse). International Lectures Dr. Ojima has held numerous international lectures including: 2019 SJCD(Society of Japan Clinical Dentistry) 2019 JAAO(Japan Academy of Aligner Orthodontics) 2019 K-IDT(Korean Interdisciplinary Treatment conference) 2019 SFODF(France Orthodontics Society) 2019 MAO(Mongolian Association of Orthodontics ) 2019 WIOC(World Implant Orthodontics Conference) 2019 SOS(Saudi Orthodontics Society)Speaker 2019 AOS(Arab Orthodontics Society)Speaker 2018 AAO(American Association of Orthodontists)Speaker 2018 APAC Invisalign summit Speaker 2018 Spain Invisalign Forum Speaker 2018 SFOPA(France Aligner Orthodontics society)Speaker 2018 EAS(European Aligner Society) Speaker 2017 JAAO(Japan Academy of Aligner Orthodontics) Speaker and President 2017 San Paulo DSD with Aligner Seminar 2017 San Paulo Align Technology Seminar 2017 Czech Republic(Prague) 2Days Seminar 2017 TOD(Turkish Orthodontics Society)Keynote Speaker and one day course 2017 Munster-Germany CMD Congress Speaker 2017 SEDA(Spanish Aligners Society) Speaker 2017 EOS(European Orthodontics Society) SATELLITE SYMPOSIUM Speaker 2017 IOA(Iranian Orthodontics Academy) Speaker 2017 AMO (Association of Mexican Orthodontics) Speaker 2016 Asia Pacific Orthodontics Congress Speaker 2016 Seoul National university orthodontics department Ojima’s one day lecture 2016 SFOPA (France Association Aligner Orthodontics) Speaker 2016 Indonesia Esthetics dental conference Speaker 2016 Taiwan Association of Aligner Orthodontics Keynote Speaker, and one day course. 2016 EAS (European Aligner Society) Speaker 2016 1st K-IDT Congress in Seoul National University, Speaker 2016 SIDO (Italian Orthodontics Society) Speaker 2016 DGAO (Germany Association of Aligner Orthodontics) Speaker 2015 JAAO (Japan Academy of Aligner Orthodontic) Keynote Speaker and President 2015 TAAO (Taiwan Association of Aligner Orthodontics)Keynote Speaker 2015 SGAO (Swiss Gesellschaft für Aligner Orthodontie)Speaker 2014 DGAO (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Aligner Orthodontie) Speaker 2014 JAAO (Japan Academy of Aligner Orthodotnic) Keynote Speaker 2014 SIDO (Italian Society of Orthodontics) Best Oral Presentation Award Awards 2020 The Best cases of DSD collaboration Invisalign. 2014 SIDO (Italian Society of Orthodontics) Best Oral Presentation Award Publications Aligner Orthodontics, Orthodontic Textbook, 2015, Dr. Schupp, Dr. Haubrich, Dr. Boisserée, Dr. John Morton and Dr.Kenji Ojima Quintessence publishing. Articles  Ojima K, Dan C, Kumagai, Watanabe H. and Nanda R. Accelerated Extraction Treatment with the Invisalign System and Photobiomodulation.: J Clin Orthod. VOLUME LIV NUMBER 3 PAGE 151~158 May 2020. Ojima K, Dan C, Kumagai, Watanabe H. and Nanda R. The Biomechanics of Aligner Orthodontics in Open-Bite Cases.: J Clin Orthod.VOLUME LIII NUMBER 12 Page 699~712 Ojima K, Dan C, Kumagai, Watanabe H.Upper Molar Distalization with Invisalign Treatment Accelerated by Photobiomodulation.: J Clin Orthod. PAGE 675-683:Nov; 2018 Lin J, Chen S, Liou E, Ojima K, Jay Bowman .Interdisciplinary Aligner Treatment of Short-Face Patients. : J Clin Orthod. PAGE 382 : Jul : 2017 Ojima K, Dan C, Kumagai Y, Schupp W. Invisalign Treatment Accelerated by Photobiomodulation. J Clin Orthod. 2016 May 309-317 Ojima K, Dan C, Nishiyama R, Ohtsuka S, Schupp W.Accelerated extraction treatment with Invisalign. J Clin Orthod. 2014 Aug;48(8):487-99. S. Jay Bowman, DMD, MSD , Frank Celenza, DDS, John Sparaga, DMD, Moschos A. Papadopoulos, DDS, DMD, Kenji Ojima, DDS, James Cheng-Yi Lin, DDS :Creative Adjuncts for Clear Aligners, Part 1: Class II Treatment.Volume 49 : Number 2 : Page 83 : Feb : 2015 S. Jay Bowman, DMD, MSD , Frank Celenza, DDS, John Sparaga, DMD, Moschos A. Papadopoulos, DDS, DMD, Kenji Ojima, DDS, James Cheng-Yi Lin, DDS :Creative Adjuncts for Clear Aligners,, Part 2: Intrusion, Rotation, and Extrusion.VOLUME 49 : NUMBER 3 : PAGE 162 : Mar : 2015 S. Jay Bowman, DMD, MSD , Frank Celenza, DDS, John Sparaga, DMD, Moschos A. Papadopoulos, DDS, DMD, Kenji Ojima, DDS, James Cheng-Yi Lin, DDS :Creative Adjuncts for Clear Aligners,, Part 3: Extraction and Interdisciplinary Treatment.Volume 49 : Number 4 : Page 249 :Apr : 2015 Kenji Ojima Private Practices Orthodontics Offices Shinjuku Orthodontics Office, Hongo Orthodontics Office Director of Smile Innovation Orthodontics Tokyo

Conference Theme:

Advanced Aligner Orthodontics : Type of Management for Extraction



Due to advance in aligner technology in recent years, options to treat complex cases with aligners have grown. Today it is possible to obtain excellent orthodontic treatment results for many difficult cases using aligners. Just now we have a over 1800 cases invisalign system experience among more than 1300 cases Acceleration approach. Furthermore by adding Accelerate Devices as part of the treatment protocol we are able to shorten treatment times significantly. And Now I will share for how to approach about my Treatment Planning with DSD concept with Aligner Orthodontics. I will present various cases Tooth Control TYPES & MANAGEMENT for TADs with Aligner Orthodontics Approach. Type1: Lower Molar Distalization Avoid extraction, Type 2:Camouflage Approach avoid Surgery from TADs with Aligner. Type 3: Surgery First Approach collaboration to Aligner Orthodontics with TADs. And we explore the extent to which we can accelerate Orthodontic tooth movement with Aligners though Accelerate Devices.


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''30.June.20 - "Advanced Aligner Orthodontics : Type of Management for Extraction"


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