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Artificial intelligence in dentistry: current applications and future perspectives.

Quintessence Int.2020;51(3):248-257. doi: 10.3290/j.qi.a43952.

Yo-wei Chen, DDS, MSc/Kyle Stanley, DDS/Wael Att, DDS, Dr Med Dent, PhD

Artificial intelligence (AI) encompasses a broad spectrum of emerging technologies that continue to influence daily life. The evolution of AI makes the analysis of big data possible, which provides reliable information and improves the decision-making process. This article introduces the principles of AI and reviews the development of AI and how it is currently being used. AI technology has influenced the health care field because of the need for accurate diagnosis and superior patient care. In order to understand the trend of AI in dentistry, electronic searching was carried out, combined with approaching individual companies to obtain the details of AI-based services. The current applications of AI in clinical dentistry were introduced and summarized. In the future, the AI-based comprehensive care system is expected to establish high-quality patient care and innovative research and development, facilitating advanced decision support tools. The authors believe that an innovative inter- professional coordination among clinicians, researchers, and engineers will be the key to AI development in the field of dentistry. Despite the potential misinterpretations and the concern of patient privacy, AI will continue to connect with dentistry from a comprehensive perspective due to the need for precise treatment procedures and instant information exchange. Moreover, such developments will enable professionals to share health-related big data and deliver insights that improve patient care through hospitals, providers, researchers, and patients. (Quintessence Int 2020;51:248–257; doi: 10.3290/j.qi.a43952)


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