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''20.Otcober.20 - "Digital accelerated orthodontics with DSD, Invisalign and Propel"

Dr. Daniel Ramos -Brazil


09:00 pm LISBON TIME

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Curriculum Dr. Danile Ramos - Brazil

MsD Orthodontics (PUCRS-Brazil)

- Adjunt Faculty Orthodontics IMED POA and Rede IOA (Brazil)

- Part Time Faculty iHDS (Houston-USA) - CEO Nexto Dental - Clinical Director Propel Orthodontics Brazil - Well Clinic Orthodontist - DSD&Invisalign TPS Clinical Consultant - Invisalign Speaker - Propel Orthodontics Speaker - DSD KOL & Speaker

Conference Theme:

 "Digital accelerated orthodontics with DSD, Invisalign and Propel"


 In this conference we will discuss how to obtain orthodontic treatments with Invisalign aligners, in a faster, predictable and 100% integrated way with the Face Guided and Interdisciplinary Digital Workflow. The integration of the DSD concepts, the acceleration of tooth movement with the techniques of Micro-osteoperforations, High Frequency Vibration (Propel Orthodontics) and Invisalign will impact your business, improve your results and offer a remarkable experience to your patients.

What you get with your Registration

  • Online bonus webinars, videos with tricks and tips for your clinical practice and special online surprise events.

  • Huge data of training at Clear Aligners.

  • You will learn how to diagnose, create a perfect treatment plan and treat all malocclusions of your orthodontic patients.

  • You will be able to offer transparent invisible aligners with total success and with the security of reaching your goals ortho in the most demanding cases and treatments.

  • You will significantly increase the profitability of your business and increase your reputation and position as an invisible orthodontics specialist

  • Your low cost monthly investment in Master Aligner Online Academy is one of the most profitable investments you will ever make in your career.

The most up-to-date, complete and practical INVISALIGN PROGRAM brought to you by the pioneers and top speakers on aligners of the world

Next Webinar

3.November.20 - "Orthognathic Surgery and Clear Aligners orthodontics treatments: which protocol?" - Dr. Waddah Sabouni- France


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  • Dr. Kenji Ojima -Japan

  • Dr. Benedict Wilmes- Germany

  • Dr. Pedro Costa Monteiro -Portugal

  • Dr. Isabel Flores Allen - Portugal

  • Dr. Cynthia Veit - Brazil

  • Dr. Sulimai Shahin - Saudi Arabia

  • Dr. Hector García Alatorre - Mexico

  • Dr.Jignesh Kothari - India

  • Dr. Daniel Ramos - Brazil

  • Dr. Waddah Sabouni- France

  • Dr. Camila Reis - Brazil

  • Dr. Chis Chang - Taiwan

  • Dr. Martin Pedernera - Spain

  • Dr. Dalia Latkauskienė - Lithuania

  • Dr. David Raickovic - Croatia

  • Dr. Renato Mussa - Brasil

  • Dr. Rafi Romano - Israel

  • Dr. Simonetta Meuli - Italy

  • Dr. Federico Brugnami -Italy

  • Dr. Enzo Pasciuti - Italy

  • Dr. Esmeralda Herrero - Spain

  • Dr. Matthias Peper - Germany

  • AND MORE...

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