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Dr.Waddah Sabouni-France


"Orthognathic Surgery and Clear Aligners orthodontics treatments: which protocol?"


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Curriculum Vitae Dr. Waddah Sabouni - France


Dr. Waddah Sabouni  orthodontist specialist received his DDS degree in 2002 from Alep University. He received a diploma of orthodontics from the University of Paris V from 2003-2006 and did a postgraduate in lingual orthodontics from the University of Paris V in 2009 and then a postgraduate in orthognathic surgery from the University in 2011.  He traded over 5000 patients with Invisalign system He’s the winner of align research award in 2015 He is a member of the French Orthodontic Society, American Orthodontic Society, World Orthodontic Society, member of the French Aligner Society and European Align Society.  He is an international speaker for Align Technology, Diamond Provider since 2013, member of Invisalign Elite Club. Winner of the Align Technology International Research Awards 2015. Dr. Sabouni lectures part time at University of Paris V, European Master of Aligner and is in private practices in South of France.

Conference Theme:

 ''Orthognathic Surgery and Clear Aligners orthodontics treatments: which protocol;;?


 The use of CBCT in orthodontics has remarkably improved diagnosis, treatment planning and assessment of results. The combination of CBCT and CAD/CAM technology has shown successful outcomes regarding orthognathic surgery simulation and surgical splint fabrication. The use of outcome simulator and the ClinCheck of InvisalignÒ allows the visualization of the expected dental results and the elimination of dental interferences since the beginning of treatment, reducing treatment time.

The surgery first approach significantly shortens total treatment time and isvery favorably valued by patients and orthodontists. Nevertheless, careful patient selection, precise treatment planning, and fluent bidirectional feedback between the surgeon and the orthodontist are mandatory During this presentation several cases will be presented in order to compare the treatment duration and outcome quality for patients who were prepared by using Invisalign® aligners when the surgery was planned conventionally versus when planned with the combination of CBCT, CAD/CAM, iTero® and the 3D Surgery software.


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1.December.20 - "Invisalign and Agenesis"

Dr. Camila Reis - Brazil


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Conference Theme:

Invisalign and Agenesis


This is a conference to learn orthodontic treatment with Invisalign in patients whos have agenesis. The highest prevalence of dental agenesis are lateral incisors and premolars. Whats are the best choices for the virtual planning for these patients? 1- Remove baby tooth before starting the treatment? 2- Keep baby tooth? 3- Reduce baby tooth and plan implants after the treatment? 4- Close missing permanent tooth spaces? You will know after this conference the correct answer for your Clincheck. Dr Camila will show you successfull cases already finished.

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