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''Three-Dimensional Printing Technology in Orthodontics forDental Models''

Updated: Apr 30

Bending wires in Lingual Orthodontics

Session 1

by Prof. Alfredo Gilbert


Dr. Gilbert has spent several years digitizing the procedures of lingual orthodontics in order to simplify and refine the technique. Initially, digitization was used primarily for administrative purposes to, above all, facilitate the storage of patient records. The technological advances that have occurred during the last 15 years have allowed automated and semi-automated systems to be incorporated into daily practice that the dentist, and in this case the lingual orthodontist, uses to gather information, diagnose and plan treatments. The topic of today's talk will allow the orthodontist to know an in-house system, consisting of the reception of dental images through a scanner, the preparation of the treatment plan (Setup) with the use of a software, the materialization of the objective of the treatment through a 3D printer, the positioning of the brackets and their subsequent transfer to the mouth and the manufacture of the wire arches using a bending robot for managing the whole orthodontics plan. Everything inside the dental office, without needing to send anything outside the orthodontist's own facilities.

Cases treated through this digital system will be presented, where its effectiveness can be assessed. For more :

About Prof. Alfredo Gilbert

Dr. Gilbert is an orthodontist certified by the Mexican Council of Orthodontics. He is the academic coordinator of the lingual orthodontic diploma at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) of Mexico and professor of lingual orthodontics at the Children's Hospital of Mexico "Federico Gomez". It belongs to the Reniecyt program of the National Council of Science and Technology of México (Conacyt).

Dr. Gilbert obtained his degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico; He is a specialist at the Intercontinental University, the same place where he obtained his master's degree. A well-known author, Dr. Gilbert continues to publish his innovations and inventions in numerous journals and is a member of the editorial review board of the magazine "Current Orthodontics". He is the author of "Lingual Orthodontics: The truly invisible orthodontics", a book published in 2008, and "Physiopathology of Lingual Orthodontics", published in 2014. Collaborated as co-author in the book "Lingual and Aesthetic Orthodontics", and with the book "New approaches in lingual orthodontics." Among many other things, Dr. Gilbert invented the robots to bend lingual arches "Lamdabot" (Gilbert A, a wire bending robot for lingual orthodontics, JCO April 2011, volume XLV number 4, 230 -234), Lamdabot 2 and Verdopplerbot. His lectures on the technique include countries such as Mexico, USA, Japan, Peru, Argentina, Greece, France, Germany, Bolivia, Chile, Turkey, Korea and Israel, in the WSLO, in the meetings of the dental society and in the orthodontic department of the different associations, as well as in orthodontic residences in Mexico City, New York (NYU) and Alabama (Birmingham)) Dr. Gilbert is a member of the American Association of Orthodontists, the American Association of Lingual Orthodontics, the Mexican Dental Association and the Mexican Orthodontics Association. He is head of the Research and Innovation Program of the Metropolitan Medical Tower, located in Mexico City.

Tampico 8,
Colonia Roma,
México City,

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Date and Time

Wend, 8 April 2020,

09:00 pm - 10:00 pm

(GMT+03:00) Eastern European Time - Athens

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