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Custom Printed brackets (Zirkonia)

In my experience, I have found one of the most important contributing factors to enhancing the success of any achievement the teamwork. The first 3d printed orthodontic bracket series, constructed by pure Zirkonia( 800 Μp strength! ), is a fact, and we did it! An arduous struggle of at least a decade has been accomplished and we are so proud and happy to see impressive results! Advances in additive manufacturing and digital technology have imparted many changes in the way we work. Today, it has helped us reach a milestone in a project that we have been diligently working on for some time, “in-house customized bracket 3D printing project’’.

Through a very private meeting, we had the chance to be invited to Unishape headquarters, the leading company that represents this unique technology! We exchanged ideas, talked, and shared knowledge, know-how points, we explained and defined critical references and requirements of this vast achievement, we scheduled the future milestones we must cover in the future! We enjoyed the exceptional hospitality of Mr. Antoniou, and we are grateful for this first meeting.

Standing on a long-term knowledge base of FN Orthodontics laboratory and contributing to digital orthodontic projects in Unishape - one of the best companies of its kind in Eastern Europe -, we finally accomplished with every detail our concept, printed and polished many micro orthodontic elements, ready to be used. In vivo and in vitro tests have been started and many other micro orthodontic mechanisms and parts have been already printed and tested!

For all this effort Ι would like to thank :

AON industry and their project management team for the incredible machine Zipro Dental that they have invented ( it has an unbeatable manufacturing accuracy on 3d micro models printed by Zirkonia!),

Kostas Antoniou and Unishape for their precious know-how experience and knowledge sharing, representing as always the best dental technology in our field,

Fragiskos Douloupas and all my colleagues in FN Orthodontics for their support in every step we made all these years ( in a continuous improvement of orthodontic services and developments! Stay tuned for our great news!)

Dr. Dalia El-Bokle for her unique orthodontic experience, work, and contribution in orthodontics ( the concept is already under US patent-pending)

my close collaborator Frank Gao for the hundreds of tests and developments we made with Ortho+ cad system (we prepare an amazing innovative workflow and tool for every orthodontic job we need. Follow us and be updated with our news!)

and last but not least, in my life and heart, the crazy friends, colleagues a in ADOME, Mekanik G.P and Orthomekanik.!

What a great job!!! Respect and gratitude to all!

(N.B.there are financial interests in this project.)

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