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1st Graphy meeting of 2023 at Unishape in Greece. Graphy System''Direct Printed Aligners''

First Graphy meeting at Thessaloniki -Greece. September 2023

Unishape-George Antonopoulos

'' The past and the future of orthodontic aligners.Graphy-Direct Printed Aligner system''

We are very happy to announce that the first official Unishape-Graphy- meeting was held at Unishape's headquarters in Thessaloniki on Saturday the 2nd of September. A very detailed 3hour presentation was given from the r&d ME consultant in digital orthodontics Antonopoulos George to 20 attendees. Stay tuned for the next big meeting in Athens and Thessalonika , about our continuing education meetings of Graphy DPA system and not only...

I would like to thank Mr.Kostas Antoniou and Unishape Dental Solutions for the honor I had to give a presentation based on mechanics and biomechanics of direct printed aligners with Graphy Inc. systems. Through more than 300 slides of a very analytic presentation, mentioning the principles and the rules of the modern digital orthodontic prototyping we tried to approach the vision and the reality of this innovative technology. Stay tuned for a continuing learning schedule in Athens too!! Soon...

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