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OrthoFan Pro @ FN Orthodontics * Mouthguards

SDT Fabio Fantozzi !!!

OrthoFan Pro @ FN Orthodontics * Mouthguards

A very strong presentation...

For their attendance to this day, I would like to express my thanks to the president of EATHLO (Dr Kouimtzis) and the members of the committee of this important Greek Scientific association , as well as to all our friends and colleagues, Orthodontists and Dentists who took place in this technological celebration!! . My warmest thanks to the entire group of FN Othodontics laboratory, my colleagues who share with me all the daily ''fights'' we give for a better future. I salute Dr Λοϊζος Ευάγγελος for his opening speech and Mr Ιωαννης Αναστασιαδης fos his sponshorship (it was great to see you again Giannis!!)

WHAT COULD I TELL FOR THE MOST INTELLIGENT TECHNICIAN IN THE FIELD OF MOUTHGUARDS... WORLDWIDE!!! He gave us a different day of thinking!!!A different way of working...A different way of achieving the progress... We all left the NEW FN conference room with a big Scientific and Technological profit !!! I feel especially lucky that I participated in this promising technological message. Proud for this presentation... Happy , because I met him again...Inspired because he enlightened my knowledge!!!!

I have enjoyed a unique experience thanks to everyone. THANK YOU FABIO....I wish to meet you again...Soon...with MORE NEWS..... The first step was done !!! FN Orthodontics of Fragiskos Douloupas and his team is ready for a new ''time''.... A new mission is up!!!

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