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DPC OTA Congress 2019 Edinburgh

Title of Lecture

''Orthodontic horizon frontiers''

The technological progress is taking place in every action of our daily routine. Within the orthodontic field we have assisted to a huge improvement in the last decade, started with aligners, digital orthodontic projects according to appliances and IDB methods using always 3D printing and CAD/CAM applications.

According to all the technological features available nowadays, the key factor is going to be what we can define “strategic thinking”. New workflows, concepts and procedure, alongside the IT and AI tools, are going to change again the horizon of orthodontics. Let’s see through some development perspectives on how we want to define the future in ‘’Orthodontic horizon frontiers’’.


DPC OTA Congress 2019 Edinburgh. It was my honor to be invited for giving a speech, it was my pleasure that I learnt so many things from ''older colleagues'' Drs and Professors of the meeting , it was my great chance that I met new and old friends who have dedicated their entire lives standing on a purpose: THERAPY...I would like to thank all the members of the council of OTA for everything they did for us, their extraordinary hospitality, their help and support and all the attendees and speakers as well! DPC OTA 2019 Congress...Please keep doing what you are doing and with the unique way you are doing because WE ALL need your ''knowledge bridge'' for ...our mistakes... After all... We Love what We Do...Because We Do what We Love...Respect and gratitude to all!!!

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