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Introducing ELINE. The Leading Company in the implementation of the ALIAS Digital Systematics - Ling


Always following the progress of technology and the innovations in our Orthodontic field with great pleasure we proudly present you ELINE System with Ormco’s Alias Lingual Bracket System, invented by Drs Kyoto Takemoto and Prof.Giuseppe Scuzzo!

Eline System , owned and directed by Prof. Giuseppe Scuzzo, is for so many years at the forefront of research and development of digital solutions for lingual and vestibular orthodontics and the proprietary of innovative software solutions aimed at the analysis and optimization of orthodontic setup, as well as holder of numerous international patents in the orthodontic field.

FN Orthodontics is the lab binds itself in using the Eline System Platform for managing all digital lingual orthodontic cases as well as printing the final structures and preparing the IDB process using ALIAS and.../or STb brackets having EXCLUSIVE geographic rights in Greece. It is time for future schedules and plans, accuracy and clinical results!

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